What we offer

Complete Surgical Dressing Solutions

MedShip provides the most innovative surgical dressings to help patients reach their treatment goals. Our company is trusted by physicians and clinics nationwide as a proven solution to increase compliance, provide convenience, and improve patient outcomes.

MedShip increases office efficiency by offering inventory control, administrative support, audit support, and management software.

MedShip processes orders and ships surgical dressings directly to your patients. Our proprietary software allows for real time updates.

Our partnership will allow you greater control of your patient's recovery period and the overall outcome.

The Benefits of MedShip

Our goal is to provide an integrated portfolio of surgical dressings while reducing the workload on you and your staff.


High-quality Surgical Dressings

MedShip provides the most innovative surgical dressings to help patients reach their treatment goals. We specialize in a variety of products to promote healing.


Inventory Management

On-site wound care inventory will be a thing of the past with us on your team. Record-keeping will also be minimized, lowering the logistical demands on your team.

Our solutions have been designed to reduce the time your team spends on product administration so that your staff can stay focused on patient care.


At-home Deliveries

Our team will ship surgical dressings to your patients at home. This encourages higher compliance, resulting in better outcomes.


Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service department is available at (937) 452-6115 to provide support in any way. Think of us as an extension of your team.


Our Products

Collagen Powder

The particles have a high surface area, allowing them to effectively penetrate and deliver the maximum amount of collagen into the wound surface.

Collagen Dressing

The collagen dressings are porous collagen membranes which are designed to be permeable and breathable, with fluid control similar to skin.

Silicone Composite Dressing

The Silicone composite dressings are absorbent, have a non-traumatic border, and provide an ideal cover for wounds of many types.

Island Composite Dressing

These dressings contain a non-adherent contact layer that covers the wound site. It consists of a soft absorbent pad that collects exudate and protects the wound from trauma.

Patient Support

Patient Education

As an extension of your practice, our priority is to ensure your patients are supported every step of the way.

MedShip includes instructions for patients and instructional videos demonstrating how to use the products.

Patients may call our customer care phone number with any additional questions.

How To Use Our Products

Get Access to Our Surgical Dressings

Our team is committed to helping your patients by providing the most innovate surgical dressings available. MedShip creates processes to ensure a successful partnership. If you're interested in learning more about our products, or how to get started, please contact us today.